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Having experienced first-hand the many benefits of taking time away from day-to-day life to reset and recharge, I love creating and leading my own retreats.


Using my extensive experience teaching and working with well-being and complementary therapies, I sometimes offer tailor-made private retreats for my clients using a combination of holistic treatments and a series of fitness classes, yoga, pilates and meditation sessions.

For these retreats I carefully design a daily programme to suit your needs, which we determine together during a consultation. Bespoke retreats can be fitness breaks, relaxation retreats, a healthy family or friends holiday or a retreat to offer emotional support if life has become stressful. For these retreats, you I can suggest a venue or I can come to location chosen by you.


My weekend retreats take place at a beautiful manor house an hour from London. Each retreat offers a blend of yoga, meditation, and sound healing classes along with good food, massages, reflexology and relaxation sessions. 

Lucie Ormerod Yoga Retreats

Jools Sampson

"Lucie puts so much thought, creativity and care into every element of her retreats and makes sure that everyone is really well looked after. With so many years working in wellness, she has a huge amount of knowledge and experience, so you'll always get a high quality retreat made with love"  

Rachel H

"Everything about the retreat was wonderful - the high-quality classes, the delicious food, the location, the people. Every detail was thoughtful. What made it more than the sum of its parts was the atmosphere that Lucie and her team created. Its was peaceful and joyful. I felt nourished, centred and restored."

Abigail Leifer

"Lucie is an exceptional Pilates teacher. I have been attending her classes for over ten years and she is so knowledgeable and caring. I went to her classes through two pregnancies and a slipped disc and Lucie always knows exactly the right exercises to support and strengthen me. She’s amazing."

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