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Pilates helps to strengthen, stretch, and increase your body's mobility. Pilates allows you to use your body more effectively and effortlessly. The exercises are suitable for anyone, regardless of age or level of fitness. Developing the body's core abdominal strength improves posture and balance. 

Would you join me for Free Pilates Class?

Fridays 9am Online

'As an Actor and Singer I need Pilates weekly with Lucie to keep me flexible and I find it gives me support when I need to be really brave and open on stage.'

Annabel Leventon 

Lucie Ormerod teaching yoga.webp

To book an Urban Calm Pilates session or for more information call Lucie Ormerod on 07895 615989 or email here


'Lucie is an exceptional Pilates teacher. I have been attending her classes for over ten years and she is so knowledgeable and caring. I went to her classes through two pregnancies and a slipped disc and Lucie always knows exactly the right exercises to support and strengthen me . She’s amazing.'

Abigail Leifer 

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