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My yoga classes take place in the Urban Calm studio and online. I also offer one-to-one sessions both in my studio or in your home. I teach online corporate yoga sessions and yoga on retreats, in schools and care homes. I also teach people living with chronic illnesses and those with mobility issues.


Akhanda yoga 

Akhanda yoga is a traditional Hatha practice, including asana, pranayama, meditation and occasionally yoga philosophy. We usually start seated, building up to standing postures and ending with shavasana. It is a complete, whole and balanced practice and suitable for all levels.


Vinyasa flow

Vinyasa flow classes are often to music, sometimes silent, where we link each pose by following the breath.  We stretch and open the body before moving into a stronger, dynamic sequence. Often a class finishes with a guided relaxation, and we use awareness of breath to release tension in the body. 


Chair yoga

Chair yoga with mindful movement is a class I developed at urban calm to teach online to my students who are less mobile, recovering from injury, or going through treatment for Illness. We stretch, strengthen, and mobilise the body sitting down. 


Teen yoga & yoga in schools 

This is no longer a regular class and can be booked as a workshop or series of five classes.



Yoga & Pilates, Finchley, North London

'As a busy London GP, I often recommend both yoga and pilates as it can help with anxiety and sleep issues. This is something that suits all ages, from teenagers to the older community.   

Dr Dermot O Flynn. M.B, Bch BAO, Lic Hom

Yoga & Pilates, Finchley, North London

'Akhanda Yoga has been so much more than just doing the asanas in class, I love the holistic approach and have been inspired to learn more about meditation and mantra.” Rachel

Yoga & Pilates, Finchley, North London

To book an Urban Calm yoga session or for more information call Lucie Ormerod on 07895 615989 or email here

Urban Calm, London
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